It’s been exciting counting and recording votes in Boston as data comes in from around the world

The World Wide Views project is collecting data from as many as 100 participants at 32 sites world wide and they have created a website into which we enter the results at each site. I volunteered to be one of the vote counters at the Boston site. Here’s how the process works.

People are seated at 12 table and each table has a facilitator. The day today is organized into five discussion sessions with individual voting at the end of each session on paper ballots.

Introduction to Biodiversity
Biodiversity on the Land
Biodiversity on the Sea
Burden and Benefit Sharing
U.S. Biodiversity Strategy

So at the end of each session, Leslie Kennedy and I get 12 folders with from 5 to 8 completed voting forms that have 3-4 questions on them and boxes checked by the participants. We tally the votes for each table and then enter them into a spread sheet that totals the votes across the 12 tables. For this particular project, we are separating the votes from participants that are under 25 years of age from those that are 25 or older. Once we get those numbers we enter the data into a form on the World Wide Views website in a password protected area. Instantly our data is up on the public World Wide Views site with % calculated and displayed as bar graphs.

You can see the results here
for each site or the total of them all.

Back to the counting of the next question. . . .

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