Science Cheerleaders pump up World Wide Views events!

On September 15, 2012, four sites in the United States hosted public deliberations on the topic of biodiversity. This important effort is part of the World Wide Views on Biodiversity. For several hours, more than 100 people at each site learned about critical biodiversity issues and had the opportunity to share their own insights. International outcomes will be shared with the United Nations and the U.S. outcomes will also be distributed to policy makers and government agencies through the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars.

The dedicated participants spent the better part of eight hours learning and sharing information…while seated around tables. To avoid fatigue from setting in, we invited the Science Cheerleaders to lead a 7th-inning type warm up activity. The Science Cheerleaders are current and former NFL and NBA cheerleaders who are also scientists and engineers! You can learn more about the Science Cheerleaders here.

They got the participants on their feet cheering for science and biodiversity! Go Science!

Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders Jo (environmental scientist) and Dana (industrial engineer) got the participants cheering from head to toe…to make the blood flow!
Science Cheerleader Jennifer (former cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons and a scientist) leads science cheers at Boston’s Museum of Science!

Science Cheerleader Lorin is leading the cheers at the Colorado School of Mines now! Picture to follow.

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