WWViews Newsletter: COP21 in Paris

Newsletter no. 28, November 26, 2015

Dear WWViews partners and colleagues,

This Newsletter is addressed to all partners in the WWViews Alliance to inform about WWViews on Climate and Energy activities at COP21 in Paris.

COP21 in Paris
COP21 is about to start, and there will be several WWViews activities in Paris in the coming two weeks, including 4 side events dedicated to WWViews. The first WWViews side event (organized by UNFCCC) will take place on 30 November (18.30 CET). A program for this event is available here. Here you can also find information about our side events on 1, 4 and 9 December and other dissemination activities during the COP. We also hope to publish a live streaming link, when it is made available.

Please share this information with colleagues and COP delegations from your country.

We will be active on social media during the COP21, and post daily updates on our efforts. Please help us spread the word and use this window of opportunity to share and communicate the views of the citizens. Follow us on Twitter @WWViews and #WWViews or Facebook, and help us become one of the top tweets during COP21!

At the WWViews on Climate and Energy website you can also read about previous dissemination activities at the Bonn climate negotiation and the UN General Assembly.

If you will be at the COP, please let us know (jh@tekno.dk). And please come and spend some time with us after each of our events so we can share and discuss COP plans and activities. We also have a WWViews stand at the French Pavillion in Blue Zone where you can come and meet us.

For those of you who will be in Paris, there will be a “solutions oriented” visitor center at the Grand Palais (from Dec 4 to Dec 11). Visitors will be invited to download a Flashpoll app (free) and vote on some of the WWViews questions plus additional ones. Please, spread the word!

Practical COP21 information is available at http://www.cop21.gouv.fr/en/.

Citizen Participation in the Paris Agreement?
We have looked at the draft Paris decision text and found a few places where reference to citizen participation could be inserted. We have prepared a proposal (Password: cac-uc-yia) for insertions (in track changes), which we encourage you to share with delegates from your country. We have been, and will be sharing it with delegates and others that may wish to support our proposal. The full draft decision text is available here: http://unfccc.int/meetings/bonn_oct_2015/meeting/8924.php.

With greetings from the WWViews on Climate and Energy coordination team

Bjørn Bedsted, Global Coordinator of WWViews

World Wide Views on Climate and Energy is coordinated by the Danish Board of Technology in collaboration with Missions Publiques and the French National Commission for Public Debate – and co-initiated by the UNFCCC
The Danish Board of Technology: Toldbodgade 12, 1253 Copenhagen K, DK-Denmark
Contact: t: +45 3332 0503 , e: contact@wwviews.org

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