Perspectives from World Wide Views Alliance on Citizen Dialog

The LOKA Institute selected eight Alliance member host sites to develop blog posts and journalistic pieces about their World Wide Views Climate and Energy event held around the world on June 6. World Wide Views on Climate and Energy is a global citizen consultation, providing unique information about how far citizens around the world are willing to go, in order to deal with climate change and to bring forward an energy transition. At each of the selected sites a team consisting of a local journalist and researcher observed the citizen deliberations at several tables in the course of the day to understand the quality of the discussion among the participants and some of the reasoning behind their views. Each team then conducted brief interviews of participants and project staff to get their impressions of what worked well and what might be improved. The posts that follow represent the first round of two articles that each team will produce, highlighting aspects of the citizen deliberation in their country and situating those insights in the concerns of each specific location where the deliberations were held.

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