The Congressional Office We Need Back – The Atlantic

Subscribers interested in considering the implications of the World Wide Views on Biodiversity and its focus on public participation as a means for providing input into policy discussions at the United Nations will be interested to read this recent post about technology assessment in the United States — The Much-Needed and Sane Congressional Office That Gingrich Killed Off and We Need Back – The Atlantic.– by Jathan Sadowski, a graduate student at Arizona State University. Sadowski reminds readers of the unique function that generating advice about scientific and technical advances for legislators can play in aiding both mundane and historic decisions that can spawn or spurn innovation. The post reviews the history and future prospects for an Office of Technology Assessment. Sadowski makes an appeal for nonpartisan advice and processes without settling on the OTA model as a  contemporary solution —  “Our technological choices are becoming ever more complex. Don’t you think our Senators and Representatives need some nonpartisan help?” The piece, which features an interview with ECAST member Dr. David Guston, asserts that “The OTA holds an important place in history and as technology becomes increasingly complex, socially embedded, and wrapped up in policy we should look to it for lessons about how to apply these techniques in the present and future.”

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