World Wide Views on Biodiversity: photos from around the world.

A full gallery of global images from World Wide Views on Biodiversity can be found here:
Most of these photos are from World Wide Views on Biodiversity, held at 34 sites in 25 countries on 9/15/2012. Rick Worthington created this link; Rick also helped write the report on the results of this project and will be in the group that presents it at the UN Convention on Biodiversity meeting in Hyderabad, India in mid-October.
Rick “likes the diversity of people and scenes in these images and the fact that they are taking their time to express themselves about the diversity of life on the planet. We know from research on this project and on World Wide Views on Global Warming in 2009 that virtually all the citizen participants, who are selected to reflect the diversity of their countries and to limit representation of “special interests” like land developers, environmental activists, etc, hold the conviction that their voices should be heard and heeded in order to stop the decline of biodiversity that imperils livelihoods and the quality of life world wide.”

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